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Solomon’s Choice

Some not so good news from Mac Towers. Yesterday our two girls, Delaney and Bonnie had a pretty bad fight. It started over nothing much but ended up with both of them badly hurt with deep cuts and lacerations. This … Continue reading

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The littlest hobo

Last night when we were out on our walk Bonnie disappeared. After a considerable period of increasingly frantic calls, whistles and searching, we spotted her… Let’s have a closer look at that… You’d swear we didn’t feed them!

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Doggy dreams

This dog is having a bad dream so his pal decides he needs a cuddle.

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Heavenly Hazelhatch

This is a gorgeous spot for a Sunday stroll. Follow the path along the barge-lined Royal canal and enjoy a leisurely waterside pint afterwards. Heaven.  

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Dogs on treadmills

We need to get us 2 of these for Delaney and Bonnie!

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Eau de canine

Gotta get me some of this for Delaney & Bonnie to mask the scent of fox dung that they like so much to roll in… Especially like Tommy Holedigger!

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Dún a Rí Forest Park – Kingscourt, Co. Cavan (part 1)

This is such a magical place. Only an hour from Dublin and at this time of year, it’s bursting with new life. The forest floor is carpeted with bluebells and the rhododendrons are an explosion of vibrant colour. There’s so … Continue reading

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The one thing you can say for sure about him is, heez not boring. It takes guts to be so unpleasant.

The “Faz” . . .

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30 animals losing the battle against furniture

More animal antics from Bored Panda … 30 Cats And Dogs Losing The Battle Against Human Furniture

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Jesse the Jack Russell

Bloody over-achiever…. we can’t even get our girls to sit….

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