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“i once wanted to become an atheist, but i gave up, they have no holidays”

itz nice to holiday and itz nice to leave your country and itz especially nice to leave Ireland come July. The weather here can be ‘iffy’ and come the summer one is bored with the cultural war waged on our … Continue reading

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Thems the Breaks

Sunday afternoon and we’ve all left the kitchen to read books and watch sport and sleep, and to think of the fortune we have in living suburbian dreams . . .

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Once Upon a Time . . .

I look though the glass to our green garden and itz orange flowers and remember living elsewhere, another time another place i guess, and i find eyem surprised as to how i came to reside inna jazzy house with two … Continue reading

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“Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet” Roger Miller

I woke up this morning to find the rain had passed, and i was disappointed as i had high hopes for yesterday’s deluge, i had a plan. ¬†As i returned home from work yesterday evening, taking the scenic route by … Continue reading

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Delahunt’s Restaurant – Camden Street

We’ve been meaning to visit Delahunt’s for some time now. From the outside it looks like an unassuming traditional bistro, with quaint net curtains and a long, narrow dining room. It occupies the building that used to be home to … Continue reading

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Bin there, done that

This is what we came home to last night having popped next door for a short while…  

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The Dean Hotel, Harcourt Street Dublin

The newest hipster kid on the block in Dublin is the recently opened Dean Hotel on Harcourt Street, sharing the strip with established institutions like Krystle, Coppers and Dicey’s Garden. It’s altogether a classier proposition, however, and its best feature … Continue reading

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Terenure Tragedy

Terenure is a sleeply suburb in south Dublin that developed around what was a small rural village. Up until the 1940s local businesses thrived there, helped by the trams that passed through its centre. In recent years many small shops … Continue reading

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Dog Day Afternoon

the grass had been cut and the frigo was in the process of defrosting, we hadint taken any alcohol the night before so we were in tip top shape to walk the two bitch faces the five miles into town. … Continue reading

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I met a colleague in the gardens of life, last Friday at three, and we sat on the ground with some beer scattered ’round, our feet.

  . . . and i thought of the two bitch faces at home waiting for their walk . . .  

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