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A new departure

Fine Gael came to power in 2011, capitalising on the greatest economic collapse this country had ever experienced. Their manifesto promised a new type of politics, a radical new departure, and an end to the corruption, cronyism and collusion that … Continue reading

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Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble

‘Servant to the Public’ and I have been engaged in a heated debate over the past few months, as to whether Dublin is currently experiencing a property bubble. If this is indeed the case, it is particularly worrisome. The dictum … Continue reading

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Fail better

Bill Cullen and his partner Jackie Lavin appeared on the Marion Finucane show over the weekend. They spoke frankly about the collapse of the business empire that Bill had built from nothing over a period of 50 years. Their predicament … Continue reading

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Can’t buy me love

Once again recent events have proven that there’s one rule for the wealthy in Ireland and one for everyone else. NAMA continues to protect the interests of the developers who brought the country to its knees. Following last month’s high … Continue reading

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Home Sweet Home

When a very average 4 bed semi-detached house in a very average Dublin suburb has an asking price of half a million euros, it’s obvious something is very wrong. There’s been a lot of talk of a mini-bubble in the … Continue reading

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