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Thems the Breaks

Sunday afternoon and we’ve all left the kitchen to read books and watch sport and sleep, and to think of the fortune we have in living suburbian dreams . . . Advertisements

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Once Upon a Time . . .

I look though the glass to our green garden and itz orange flowers and remember living elsewhere, another time another place i guess, and i find eyem surprised as to how i came to reside inna jazzy house with two … Continue reading

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A matter of Joyce

Our good friend Janice Ward just finished her degree in Graphic Design and produced an incredible book on James Joyce. Here are some pics from her exhibition.

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Today is Boring. Drag Queens, Rent Boys, Pick Pockets, Junkies, Rockstars and Punk

Came across Lee ‘Black’ Childers obit earlier today, R.I.P. buddie

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Terrifying dreams turned into reality by photographer Nicolas Bruno

Sufferer of sleep paralysis Nicolas Bruno transforms his terrifying dreams into photographic realities. The characters depicted are often stuck within their scenes, unable to escape. The 20 year old New York native suggests ‘Sleep paralysis is an experience in which … Continue reading

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Small Town Noir

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Wet Dogs

Wet Dog by Sophie Gamand.  

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Luvlee Dublin #2

Mostly nature this time round. But all to be found in the city or the suburbs. I love the light at this time of year. And one of our favourite spot, Il Primo restaurant on Montague Street.  

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