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“i once wanted to become an atheist, but i gave up, they have no holidays”

itz nice to holiday and itz nice to leave your country and itz especially nice to leave Ireland come July. The weather here can be ‘iffy’ and come the summer one is bored with the cultural war waged on our … Continue reading

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Guilty as Charged?

I used to like weekend radio on RTE Radio One, especially Sunday mornings, although eyem changing my mind as there’s just too much misery porn being peddled on the shows, and this weekend was a great example, as Marian Finnucane … Continue reading

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“across the evening sky . . . “

i’ve changed job and i miss the weakdays dayz off. i also miss the late starts, as it gave me the morning to walk the dogs and to listen to good radio (Q102 plays everyday in the new working environment, … Continue reading

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“Ya wide about what’s happening?”

like many people who work, i have two days off a week, and on occasions i must take them when it doesint suit . . . me, such azza Monday, orra Tuesday, orra Wednesday, a Thursday, Friday and so one … Continue reading

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“i look like a farmer but i’m a lover”

My family ran a small country hotel in south county Cavan* for many years and it was with sadness that we sold up midway through the year of 1997.  I had many happy years in that place and it was … Continue reading

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Licence to bill

In the latest of a series of moves to squeeze the final drops of life blood out of Irish taxpayers, the government has announced the introduction of a broadcast charge which will replace the existing TV licence fee. Currently anyone … Continue reading

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Beware of Greeks bearing gifts

Unlike Ireland, the poster child of European austerity advocates, Greece hasn’t covered itself in glory in recent times. However things are changing and their government appears to be taking the necessary tough decisions to help economic recovery. The most immediate … Continue reading

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No business like showbusiness

RTE, Ireland’s state funded television station had an operating deficit of €50,000,000 last year…..

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outrage that stirrups the emotion . . .

Eyem in the kitchen heating tinned oxtail soup with the bitch faces fighting at my feet while wifey weads with peace in the living room, wine on the wadiator and ‘news’ on the teevee.  The top story tells us that … Continue reading

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Irish Anchorman

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