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4 habits of highly effective people

We’ve had it so wrong all this time. The key to being a success is not education, hard work, ambition and drive. Not even close. Here’s the real secret. Pop out as many kids as you can in your late … Continue reading

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Things fall apart

It’s becoming increasingly evident that our present government lacks the balls to make difficult decisions. Instead of tackling the real and substantive issues facing our country, they distract us with utterly pointless and extraneous concerns. They have failed in reducing … Continue reading

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Where do I sign?

I’ve been getting this fairly peremptory text message every month for the past year or so. I am fortunate never to have been a customer of the Department of Social Protection so I’m not sure why they keep telling me … Continue reading

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All work and no pay

The UK government is planning to reform the welfare system to provide better incentives for people to work. Measures will include a £26,000 cap on the total benefits any household can receive and the introduction of a single “universal credit” … Continue reading

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