What price a life?


Five men died when the Tit Bonhomme fishing trawler sank off the coast of Cork last year.

One of the victim’s families sued the captain’s grieving widow for negligence and breach of duty and was awarded €40,000.

An eight year old Brazilian boy died after suffering from undiagnosed septicaemia caused by an infection arising from a bout of Chicken Pox. The parents received a €160,000 settlement.

I simply cannot understand the mindset of people who believe a financial award will somehow compensate for the loss of a loved one.

In pursuing a course of legal action, surely they are tacitly admitting that a lost life can be evaluated in monetary terms. In accepting a settlement they are evincing satisfaction that an appropriate accounting has been achieved. And by demonstrating that they are willing to put a value on a life, they show how little they value it.

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