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Slightly confused sheep that thinks it’s a dog

Sheep-dog? Shog? Anyone? Advertisements

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Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble

‘Servant to the Public’ and I have been engaged in a heated debate over the past few months, as to whether Dublin is currently experiencing a property bubble. If this is indeed the case, it is particularly worrisome. The dictum … Continue reading

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and today, every other day’s quote of the day . . .

# 2) Heraclitus, pre – Socratic Greek philospher, from Greece. “A man’s character is his fate” . . . and because it’s Friday; Peter Flood, Irish athlete and cyclist . . . from Ireland. “He who hoots with the owl, … Continue reading

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Rate my banker

The Central Bank of Ireland, along with the Banking Regulator, presided over the greatest cataclysm in Irish banking history. Even today, they purport to oversee a dysfunctional system that has effectively devolved into a duopoly with little competition and no … Continue reading

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Little dog kicks big dog’s butt

There was only ever going to be one winner of this fight…

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Dodder Day 2

On Saturday, accompanied by our two furry friends, the Macs reprised the Dodder Walk. It was the perfect day for it with Spring finally making itself known.  There was a sense of new life awakening… the buds  forming on the trees, the … Continue reading

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beginning today . . . someone else’s, quotes of the day . . .

# 1) A. E. Housman, English classical scholar and poet, from England. “The house of delusions is cheap to build, but drafty to live in” . . . and because its Wednesday i have one more from; Paul Beer, English … Continue reading

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NYC – West Village/Chelsea

On our final day in New York we wandered across Greenwich Village, through the Meatpacking District and found the Highline Park. This is a fairly new addition to the city, a public park build on a disused industrial rail line. It … Continue reading

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“The thermal treatment of household and industrial waste in waste-to-energy plants is increasing in popularity as it solves two issues in one – waste management and sustainable energy”

moast days in work i have the time to waste and i waste it in the best possible way, ie: reading crap on the internet such as the guardian, the irish times, the irish independent and of course broadsheet dot … Continue reading

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NYC – Uptown/Central Park

Day 3 and we finally ventured Uptown. It’s not my favourite part of New York but we needed a break from debauchery so a stroll in Central Park was just the thing to shake off the cobwebs. There was snow … Continue reading

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