Judge Dread

We’ve come to the conclusion that the present culture of rapacious litigiousness will continue to fester unless our judges act decisively and start throwing these cases out of court.

To that end, every time we hear of an outrageous personal injury settlement, we will name and shame both judge and claimant on this page…

Alex Sheridan, through his mother Vicky Sheridan, of Hardwicke Street, Dublin awarded €25,000 after illegally breaking into a construction site and falling from scaffolding (rather than suing Dublin City Council, why didn’t the mother take the blame for not properly supervising her child?) by a newcomer to this page Judge Sarah Berkeley in May 2015

First really good one of 2015 (cereal killer springs to mind as a headline) but in summary Christine Butler of Crecora, Limerick awarded a whopping €130,000 for a few bruises inflicted by a couple of Weetabix boxes falling on her in Tesco (she’s had her Weetabix, perhaps!?) by Judge Paul McDermott in February 2015

Aisling Connell, through her mother Deborah Connell, of Palmers Avenue, Palmerstown, Dublin awarded €46,000 for fracturing her front teeth on a waterslide in a hotel pool by none other than the tooth fairy himself Judge Matthew Deery in July 2014

This one reminds us of the line from Spinal Tap, “our drummer choked on vomit… we don’t know who’s vomit it was… you can’t like dust the vomit….” Any road, Sarah Jane Burdis of Grangemore Grove, Donaghmede, Dublin was awarded €64,000 for slipping on someone else’s vomit by Judge Kevin Cross in July 2014

Michelle Kenny of Crumlin, Dublin awarded €57,000 after being falsely diagnosed with HIV, despite the hospital correcting their error 48 hours later, by Judge Bronagh O’Hanlon in June 2014

He’s back!!! Angela Prendergast of Kilcoole, Co Wicklow, through her mother Ann, awarded €18,000 after slipping in Tesco and cutting her forehead in May 2014 by Judge Matthew Deery

Joseph McGrath of Johnstown, Navan, Co Meath awarded €59,000 after slipping on algae on the steps of Rush pier by Judge  Daniel Herbert in March 2014 (now this just pisses us off… exactly how is Fingal County Council responsible for algae on the pier steps)

Nilofar Ikram of Dooradoyle, Limerick awarded a staggering €1 million after slipping on icy steps (marked clearly with 3 caution signs) outside a hospital in Dublin, by Judge David Keane in February 2014

Amanda Byrne, former employee of Sea and Shore Safety Service, awarded €20,000 in an utterly bizarre decision by the Labour Court, for trauma induced by her rodent phobia

Michael McHale of Chapelizod Road, Islandbridge awarded €95,000 for falling down the stairs from the Piano Bar in the Residence Club by Judge Mary Irvine in January 2014

Unnamed Lithuanian woman living in Mayo awarded €34,000 by the Equality Tribunal for claims she was discriminated against by her employers. As we pointed out before, the burden of proof in equality cases falls on the employer who has to prove the discrimination didn’t happen, making it very difficult for them to win these type of cases.

Ciara Morgan of Summerville Glebe, Kentstown, Co Meath awarded €50,000 for slipping on an icy train platform by Judge Bronagh O’Hanlon (a first appearance for her on this page) in January 2014

Caroline Ryan of Lucan, Dublin awarded €71,000 for falling on wet tiles in her own kitchen by Judge Kevin Cross in November 2013

Katie Kavanagh of Castle Park, Tallaght awarded €12,500 for tripping on a stairs at an All-You-Can-Drink promotion in Sin nightclub by Judge Alan Mahon in July 2013

Another big call by Judge Jacqueline Linnane in dismissing the case of Robyn Behan (2) through her mother Vanessa Behan of North Brunswich Street against Eddie Rockets Diner after Robyn’s little finger got caught in a sugar dispenser. Matthew Deery, take note!

We applaud Judge Sean Ryan for not entertaining an absurd claim by Ciara O’Connell of Tallaght against Copper Face Jacks for an arm injury caused by “Dirty Dancing” with a work colleague

Anthony Maloney, through his mother Margaret Maloney of Castlepark, Tallaght awarded €6,000 against a chemist that gave him too much iron supplement causing a mild case of vomiting, by Judge Raymond Groarke in June 2013 (he’ll soon be giving Matthew Deery a run for his money!)

Bradley Kavanagh (8) of Hill Street Flats, Dublin settles case for €17,000 plus costs after a fall in the National Museum left him with a “very fine scar above his eyebrow”.  Approved by Judge Raymond Groarke in June 2013

Jade Boylan, through her father Michael Boylan of Arbour Hill, Dublin awarded €14,000 after a carton of tea was spilled on her in Burger King when a customer jostled her tray, by Judge Matthew Deery in May 2013. Firstly why was a 7 year old drinking tea, if it wasn’t her’s then why was she carrying the tray for her parent and how was any of this Burger King’s fault?

Big hearted Judge Matthew Deery awarded Jack Mulvaney, Killinarden Estate, Tallaght €8,000 and a holiday to make up for a few bruises  in Apr 2013

Ellen Hackett, through her mother Jennifer Hackett of Artane, Dublin awarded €25,000 plus costs for cutting her knee in a creche, by our good friend Judge Matthew Deery in Apr 2013

Nicole Moore, through her mother Mandy Moore of Tyrone Place, Inchicore, Dublin awarded €21,500 for nearly falling out of a fairground ride by none other than Judge Matthew Deery in Mar 2013

Baby Ava Bowe-Smith, through her mother Amy Smith of Griffith Avenue, Dublin, awarded €2,640 for puking by Judge Matthew Deery in Feb 2013

Christopher Dempsey, through his mother Joanne Dempsey of Sebury Lawns, Mornington, Co Meath awarded €50,000 for injuring himself while playing on playground equipment that was clearly marked out of order by Judge Roderick Murphy in Feb 2013

David Gray (methadone user) of Mount Talbot Court, Dublin awarded €10,000 for being booted off a train by security guards by Judge Nicholas Kearns in Feb 2013

Laura Goodwin of Cul Ronain Park, Ballivor, Meath awarded €17,500 for burning herself in a sunbed by Judge Jacqueline Linnane in Feb 2013

Arpit Khurana of Poolbeg Street, Dublin awarded €7,000 plus legal costs by Judge Iseult O’Malley in a High Court Appeal (following dismissal of the case in the Circuit Court) in Feb 2013

Eamonn O’Connor of Ballybrack, Co Dublin awarded €14,000 for falling down the stairs in his own house by Judge Matthew Deery in February 2013

Bravo for Judge Jacqueline Linnane who ruled against Alison Keenan of Cabra, Dublin who was seeking €38k in damages for “almost falling” in Dunnes Stores…. Really????

Sean Carolan through mother Sharon Carolan, Castleknock, Dublin awarded €400,000 by Judge Sean Ryan in Feb 2013

Geraldine Judge of Aughris, Co Sligo awarded €78,000 for a fractured ankle by Judge  Iarflaith O’Neill Jan 2013

Girl injured while fleeing groper awarded €100,000

Jack Fitzpatrick of Ashcourt, Clerihan, Clonmel, Co Tipperary, through his mother Catriona Fitzpatrick awarded €340,000 by Judge Sean Ryan Jan 2013

Brandon Dargen Burgess, through his mother Linda Burgess of Ard More Court, Brookville, Tallaght, Dublin awarded €826,818 by Judge Mary Irvine Dec 2012

Cynthia Kinsella of Fortfield Avenue, Terenure, Dublin awarded €438,000 by Judge Iarfhlaith O’Neill Dec 2012 

Nicole Smyth through mother Sarah Smyth of Elm Drive, Lucan, Co Dublin awarded €22,000 by Judge Matthew Deery Nov 2012

Nuala Holloway Casey, of Rowanbyrn, Blackrock, Co Dublin awarded €12,000 by Judge Barry Hickson Nov 2012

Croi Robinson through mother Theresa Robinson of Crumlin Road, Dublin 12 awarded €20,000 by Judge Matthew Deery Nov 2012 

Dawson Wilson and Luke Wilson of Clarence Mangan Road, Dublin through parents Gwendolyn Wilson and Wesley Wilson, awarded €7,500 each by Judge Matthew Deery Nov 2012

Faith Varden-Carberry through her grandfather Anthony Carberry of St Mels Road, Longford, awarded €200,000 by Judge Peter Charleton Nov 2012

Emma Reddan of Riverstown, Rathfeigh Co Meath through her mother Marina, awarded €10,000 by Judge Matthew Deery Nov 2012

Olive Loughrey of Station Road, Shankill, Dublin awarded €260,000 by Judge Kevin Cross Nov 2012

Ciaran Chestnutt of Redford Park, Greystones, Co. Wicklow awarded €300,000 by Judge Iarflaith O’Neill Nov 2012

Jade Price of Tallaght, Dublin awarded €100,579 by Judge Iarfhlaith O’Neill Nov 2012


13 Responses to Judge Dread

  1. eamondelaney says:

    Well done for keeping this list and for enumerating all these cases. Shocking stuff….And amazing the judges conceded on so many…

  2. Astounding! I don’t know why it should be amazing to me when I read how some of the judges in my country(USA) decide on cases. Who’s judging the judges?

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  4. Luke says:

    Granted, I’ve only clicked on of these at random. Ciara Morgan slipped on ice that Irish Rail agreed they should have cleared up and was then put in a shopping trolley by a member of staff, which then fell over. How is this “rapacious”? I doubt this is the only one that could be debunked on further inspection.

    Certainly, there are people who lie or exaggerate to make some money but they very rarely get anywhere at all

    A 2010 government report found that there is no growing compensation culture in the UK but that it is the perception of one that is the real problem. It creates a fear in employers (of being sued) and a trepidation in employees who really could and should claim for their injuries.

    The problem with the report is that the government still attacks claims companies rather than the tabloid media that pushes this myth and sells on the half-comical stories it can form from genuine cases and insurers who are then able to jack up their prices.

    It’s easy to get angry at these stories but they’re almost always untrue or exaggerated. Look for the real story, don’t settle for the one you assume to be true.

    • rjmackin says:

      Agree that there are also genuine cases, but here in Ireland certain types of people have a mindset whereby they seek to profit from what is actually just an accident. There’s no sense of personal responsibility. If I trip on a stairs, I think that was clumsy of me, but many other people think someone else must be to blame and they need to pay up.

  5. Jimi says:

    You have named a whole load of people on this list without any explanation as to why they should be “shamed”. All you did for the most part was name people and their settlements without finding out what the status of their injury is, how the injury came about and how much the injury has impacted their lives. This article can not be taken seriously.

    • rjmackin says:

      We don’t claim to have legal expertise. The purpose of this list is to highlight what is fast becoming a compensation culture in this country. Many of these cases were clearly spurious claims that the average person would deem accidents.

  6. aj vosse says:

    Fine early morning reading!! I feel the need for a holiday… where can I find that Matthew fella?? 😉

    The only one that makes a bit of sense is the train platform one. I’ve been tempted to report dear Irish Rail on a few occasions for laziness because they can’t be bothered to grit icy platforms ans bridges!! 😦

  7. aj vosse says:

    Always great to return here! Just in case I’m feeling down… just to think of how much money we’re actually losing out on!! 😉

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