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“Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get”

Weather in Firhouse, damp, dank, dull . . . Advertisements

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The Odd Couple – Adorable Budweiser ad

First John Lewis brought us Bear & Hare and now this…. <sniff>

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Wrongs and rights

The Irish media have been universally welcoming yesterday’s verdict from the European Court of Human Rights on the case taken by Louise O’Keeffe. Louise suffered abuse as a child in school and originally took a case against the Irish state … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Soft Parade

i even washed to attend the “monster rally” in the RDS and as i waited to dry i thought of why the word monster was used?  the papers that described the conference must have imagined that strange and horrible imaginary … Continue reading

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“Without a Coca Cola life is unthinkable”

. . . so says Henry Miller and ain’t he right?

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Feck the begrudgers

 In an article in today’s Irish Times, John Waters was extremely fatalistic about the prospects of the Reform Alliance, the new, not yet political party lead by Lucinda Creighton. He laments the missed opportunity. The reform ship has sailed and … Continue reading

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Burns! babie? Burns!

okay, in Cavan we’re cultured though it didint rub off on me, but with some hard work and a good grounding in Catholicism, i crawled my way out . . . i managed to get a job and a bus … Continue reading

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Faces and Places

came across this dude and his map portraits earlier today while reading the torygraph, our beacon of hope in a muddled old world, thanks bogpaper! . . .and Ed, we salute you . . .

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not knowing what to write i type . . . thinking of Dinah Washington although not today, more like last week, i look around and see the two bitch faces munching and crunching their bones, Delaney at one end of … Continue reading

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Lick of paint

We thought the blog was looking a bit shabby so we gave it a brand new image. Hope you like what we’ve done with the place!

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