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Santa ® ™

For marketers everywhere… (click on the image for full document) Advertisements

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Christmas in Dublin

Strolling down Grafton Street… Pints in Peter’s Pub… The Christmas lights… The bizarre Moving Crib… Wouldn’t be anywhere else!

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Tree some

On the subject of state assets, the government are hungrily eyeing up Coillte’s 1.2 million acres of public forest as easy prey in the Great Irish State Asset Fire Sale (everything must go, at knock down prices). While I’ve no … Continue reading

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Electric Dreams

In one of their more enlightened (geddit?) moves, our frenemies across the water have tabled a proposal that would require energy providers to disclose their operating costs and profits on customer bills. In light of the recent price hikes from … Continue reading

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“Should I kill myself, or have a cup of coffee?”

she plans to sue the school because her girls were bullied and now they’re dead.  the institution could have done more to protect her little angels.  itz not lorraine’s fault the establishment failed to safeguard her innocents.  sheez angry and numb, “all … Continue reading

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Marketing fail

Courtesy of Simply Zesty

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A nod and a wink

Irish society operates on inchoate principles of relationship and reciprocity. We look after our own, we scratch each other’s backs, we have jobs for the boys, old boys’ clubs and school networks. Anyone who hasn’t grown up with this model … Continue reading

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Respect my Authority

So, it turns out that in 2011 the Irish RSA (Road Safety Authority) spent €38.3 million of your shiny euros. Seems like an awful lot of hi-vis jackets to me… In 2010 there were 212 deaths on Irish roads and … Continue reading

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Hounds of Hell

We just got two Beagle pups and can totally identify with this….

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A butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil

The law of causality states that each cause has a specific effect, and that this effect is dependent on the identities of the agents involved. Surely we need to consider the environmental and psychological factors that may have indirectly contributed to … Continue reading

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