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Lion Eyes

I used to like Leo Varadkar. Back in the day when he challenged received wisdom, showed little tolerance for the flagrant excess of the public sector and gave away free Lion Bars when canvassing on the door steps of Dublin … Continue reading

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Solomon’s Choice

Some not so good news from Mac Towers. Yesterday our two girls, Delaney and Bonnie had a pretty bad fight. It started over nothing much but ended up with both of them badly hurt with deep cuts and lacerations. This … Continue reading

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“This land is your land and this land is my land, sure . . . but the world is run by those that never listen to music anyways”. Bob Dylan

i blew into Dublin in the early naughties a very green boy and throughout the years, here in our centralised capital i’ve seen enough to help me make the climb to the heights of Firhouse, an area of southwest Dubh … Continue reading

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Bin there, done that

This is what we came home to last night having popped next door for a short while…  

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Puppy dog eyes

How could you say no???

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This cheeky chappie has figured out how to get the good stuff before the birds arrive!

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Real life Paddington? Dog and its suitcase of belongings abandoned –

Real life Paddington? Dog and its suitcase of belongings abandoned –

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The littlest hobo

Last night when we were out on our walk Bonnie disappeared. After a considerable period of increasingly frantic calls, whistles and searching, we spotted her… Let’s have a closer look at that… You’d swear we didn’t feed them!

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Doggy dreams

This dog is having a bad dream so his pal decides he needs a cuddle.

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Dead Cat Bounce

Spectacular cat jumping fails.

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